Season’s Beatings 2013: A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock’n'Roll

This years 2 evening installment of Ottawa’s most dysfunctional christmas celebration is gonna be a real Nutcracker. Sweet! Join us at Irene’s Pub – 885 Bank St. Ottawa Friday Dec 20 & Saturday Dec 21 for the following:

Friday Dec. 20
Remi Royale
Slo’ Tom & The Handsome Devils
Lucky Ron
The Guggenheimer Quintet

Saturday Dec. 21
The Unknown Wrestler

Both nites are 10 bucks at the door and start at 9pm sharp. You can expect all the usual extra stuff too: meat tree, colouring contest, prizes and mildly humorous videos.

We hope to See You There



The Sultan of Sweat, Founder of the Children’s Wish Foundation, 3x Blood Sport Champion, Inventor of the Chip Clip. You have seen him before but you can’t take your eye’s off him.

Remi Royale

SLO’ TOM & The Handsome Devils

Old Slo’ has vowed to release a new record every year for the rest of his life. Irene’s will be the place to check out what he & his AMAZING band cooked up this year.
Slo Tom on Facebook


We are so excited to have Lucky Ron, a true Bytowne legend, as part of the event. His stripped down “Stomping’ Tom” approach to country classics will have you grinning ear to ear. Hopefully we will all get a chance to try our luck at the “throw smokes into the guitar” game during his rousing version of Tillsonburg.


The twangy guitar heroics of Pat Lawlor & Paul Hogan return to Season’s Beatings once again. Last time they played there was an unusual surplus spike in the Ottawa used guitar market.


Get your Boooooo on with the cultural ambassadors of Manada.
ManPower on Facebook


Fasten your seat belts for one of the best Canadian metal bands working. Heavy Metal circa 1979, with flashy riffs, operatic vocals, solos and righteousness. Trust me.


Arcade commander Paul ‘Yogi” Granger has assembled yet another fantastic wizard rock outfit. Bring ear plugs and don’t stare into the sleeve for too long.


This masked comedian is from parts unknown and if you don’t laugh he will make your parts unknown.
(images and videos too offensive to publish here).


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Clothes Make THE Man

Ottawa Explosion Heavy Nite – Babylon – 10:00 pm – 2 am $5

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Sunday Sweaty Sunday: Remi Royale Summer Shows at The Manx

Remi Royale

Catch Remi Royale live at the Manx The First & Last Sunday of Every Month at The Manx.

Upcoming shows for Ottawa’s most unusual and free spectacle:
Sunday June 24 – 10pm
Sunday July 29 – 10pm
Sunday August 5 – 10pm
Sunday August 26 – 10pm

The Manx is located at 370 Elgin Street.

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Carrot Bukakke + Beastiality = Rock N Rolling: An Interview with Peter Jurt of HellBros

Peter Jurt, the charismatic skid from Ottawa’s high-energy quartet and Hoser-core
champions the HELLBROS took the time to answer some terrible interview questions.

You can catch HellBros with ManPower & Q Equals 7 at Zaphod Beeblebrox Sat June 9.

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Sweet Sweat: Interview With Remi Royale

Some might say the Remi Royale sits neatly between GG Allen, Paul Anka and a 20 min workout video where do you see yourself on the entertainment spectrum?

Picture a yacht, driven by Englebert Humperdinck. GG allin’s the cruise director,Barry White is the doctor,Colonel Sander’s is the chef and he’s invented a new hotdog,Rodney Dangerfield is the bartender, and the dance instructor in the ballroom is Jesco White. Sailing in a burning ocean, cutting through a fog that smells like hockey equipment.
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The Find: An Interview With Flying Fortress

I am always amazed by some of the incredible Metal and Punk being made right now but my favourite “find” this year was definitely Flying Fortress out of Pembroke Ontario. They made up 2/3 of the beautifully anachronistic Metal act Goat Horn, electing to strip it all down to just drums, bass and a whack load of reverb. Brandon Wars and Steel Rider prove that “guitar can blow me” and a fresh/unusual metallic sound can be achieved without heavy metal’s seemingly central instrument. Hair God, Finger Wizard and Restaurateur, Brandon Wars was kind enough to answer some of my burning questions:

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Season’s Beatings Christmas Recital 2011

Now 2 Nites!
Irene’s Pub – Ottawa Ontario

Friday Dec 16
Remi Royale
Street Meat
Guggenheimer Quintet (the Christmas Guitar Heroics of Pat Lawler & Paul Hogan)
Manadian Boys Choir

Sat Dec 17
Frank & Florians Video Dance Party
Manadian Idol – Billy Idol Edition
Flying Fortress
The Hell Bros.
The Unknown Wrestler

ManPower – Nowhere

Flying Fortress – Live

Hellbros – Kill You

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